Don't just clean your Ductwork, Aeroseal your Ductwork!


Have you ever considered the air you breathe, INSIDE your house? We at Clint's Air Care, Inc have!  Look around, do you have excessive dust? Does your airflow and comfort levels inside seem to be lacking?  Do you have an excessively high energy bill?  It may be time to consider an Innovative approach to your problem.


Aeroseal is used to seal your ductwork from the inside!  This prevents air leaking from your ductwork and dust/debris from being brought into your ductwork.  Call our office to learn more about this product!   

Have you Heard the Word on Ductless HVAC Systems?


  • Ductless Systems can be installed in addition to a ducted unit in order to prevent having to upgrade the Main HVAC System.  Great examples of this are Sunrooms, Bonus Rooms, Home Additions, Garages, or Outdoor Buildings that you want temperature controlled
  • Ductless Systems allow more flexibility for location of installment simply due to the lack of ductwork.  This is great for locations where ductwork would not be an option. 
  • Ductless Systems are very Energy Efficient and have a Quiet Operation.  Wouldn't you like to reduce you energy bills?
  • Ductless Systems allow for you to operate an individual room's temperature independently of the other rooms.  Now you can have your room nice and toasty while someone else likes it a bit cooler. 

Call our office today to find out more information about Ductless systems that work at 100% heating capacity in 5 Degrees F weather.



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As the seasons change, it's good to have equipment you can rely on, serviced by a team you can trust.


At Clint's Air Care, Inc, we bring attention to detail, the right tools, and experience straight to your door.  Whether it's a quick fix or whether you need a brand new heating system installed, we've got the Bryant products to solve almost any problem at any budget.  When it comes to bringing you whole-home comfort, we're ready to do Whateve It Takes!


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